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By | 18th June 2020

While flower delivery services are abundant throughout the internet, not all of them do a great job at delivering bouquets that are fresh and undamaged.

A considerable majority of flower delivery companies pre-assemble and then pack their bouquets in cardboard boxes, often causing damage to the flowers. They also use traditional delivery services which involve shipping their products in trucks.

By the time the bouquets finally reach your doorstep, they are usually dehydrated and lose a lot of their natural charm.

This has happened to me plenty of times and had me running to the local florist for a last-minute pickup. However, it was when I discovered Bouqs that this problem got resolved for good!

 I Want To Send Flowers Today

 I Want To Send Flowers Today

Bouqs is a flower delivery service that boasts of a massive network of florists worldwide. They specialize at delivering fully-customizable bouquets that are sourced from local florists who artistically design and hand-deliver the bouquets in premium conditions, usually on the same day.

Over the years, I’ve used their service countless times, and they have managed to maintain a premium service almost every time.

Fast Flower Delivery Store reviewed by on 18th June 2020 rated 4.8 on 5.0