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By | 15th July 2020

Best Clothing Store in 2020, i want to recommend this amazing Store with Great Discounts and Best Products of Intenet.

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***** Claire of  Cincinnati, Ohio

I was very pleased and amazed at the same time with the efficiency of the online process especially for in store pickup. They made it so easy for me to search their website by category browse through the items to get what I want in a matter of a couple hours. The checkout online process was also very nice and easy. You can apply multiple coupons and promo codes on the order. I would highly recommend Kohl’s. Great store with great promotions and organized online for in store pickup as well as items being shipped to me.

***** Andrea of Port St Lucie
I went to Kohl’s to make an Amazon.com return, and also to use my Kohl’s Cash. This was my first time doing a return and it could not have been easier. I then found 3 items of clothes on clearance and used my Kohl’s Cash, a 25% off coupon and Kohl’s Card to pay. Got an excellent deal on all. Customer Service was Top Notch, too!
***** Rose of Carlsbad, CA

Kohl’s is a good mid-priced store less expensive than Macy’s, but more than Target/Walmart, on par with JCPenney and Sears but the store appearance overall is more attractive with better floor arrangement. If you watch the ads, almost everything will go on sale and then they often stack the savings with a % off coupon on top of that. Your best savings are with a credit card and discount offers several times a year. They also have order online and pick up in store. If you can’t find something in store, check one of the kiosks in-store and if you find it online, you can order there and they will ship to you free of charge. Another fairly recent benefit is Amazon returns and they’ll give you a % off coupon for using this service. Pretty great store with a wide a variety of items, easy return and price guarantee policies.

***** Betty of Long Beach, CA

Best price cut for your money. Bought a diamond earring and a watch. It was mark 50 percent off. That just made my day. I would consider of buying jewelry again and on top of that you get an extra 20 percent when you purchase back to their store.

***** Jane of Murfreesboro, TN

I think Kohl’s is a very good store. Their products have very good quality and they have good sales. Kohl’s has a good atmosphere in which to shop. It is usually the department store I would go to over other department stores because of its sales and its quality in its merchandise.

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#1 Best Clothing Store 2020 reviewed by on 15th July 2020 rated 4.9 on 5.0