Snow Teeth Whitening Review: Does It Really Work?

By | 28th November 2019

No two methods of teeth whitening are the same. Or so they say. There are plenty of ways you can brighten your smile, like whitening strips, toothpaste, and even charcoal. But there’s even another way — a revolutionary technology called Snow Teeth Whitening Snow is an at-home teeth whitening kit that doesn’t require any visits to a dentist office. According to Snow, “top celebrity dentists” use it and are happy with the results. They also say it’s an award-winning system for whitening teeth. The Harvard science research company, Snow Labs, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, serves over 100,000 customers. They say they’re always trying to improve the technology and consistently trying to release more helpful products. Plus, with every sale, they donate some of the proceeds to help provide dental treatments to children who can’t afford them.



Customers and reviewers call Snow revolutionary and groundbreaking. It seems to perform better than whitening strips and trays — some even compare it to whitening procedures done by dentists. Most of the people who have used Snow see results in about three days, but each person should use it until they see the results they want. It could take up to 21 days of regular use for 15-30 minutes per session.   before-after-results-white  Most of the user reviews have to do with customer service from early on in the company’s life. The product seems to work very well, and hopefully, the customer service has improved over the years.

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