SHEIN Scam or Quality Clothing?

By | 19th April 2019

Shein scam? If you are a fashionista looking for Shein reviews, you have stumbled upon or heard about (formerly known as Sheinside). I am sure you have wondered: Is Shein a scam? What is the quality of Shein’s clothing? Is Shein legit? Is it safe? I’m answering you (2018 update) with my honest opinion.


Today I am going to tell my views about Shein, from the perspective of a fashion reviewer (clothes I have got from them for free) but also from the orders I have paid myself and the views of my friends. My friends also made orders from them, so I can tell you how they are with clients too. You might say I am biased of the free items but believe me, I don’t even bother to review ugly items so if I was unhappy, so I stopped the collaboration.

My only concern is that I have no control over what they send to me and what they send to clients. Meaning that, they could maybe pay more attention to my items. This is just a presumption and I have no way of proving that they do that or not. However, I do not believe that they send bloggers better clothing as they sent me once a dress that looked nothing like the store’s images so I declined to review or feature it. My task is to honestly review what they send me. If the clothing is up to my standards, I will take pics of it. If not, the brand will not make it on my blog.

Let me tell you more about if is Shein a scam in today’s 2018 Shein review.


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So far, I am reluctant to buy again from Shein, I had dresses that didn’t look at all as in the pics and mostly the quality is low. Even the ones I had, I mostly given away. So I must say I am 30% happy with this brand.


Some looked good, some not. I did measure myself well before making the order and I did search to see how the clothing looked in other Shein reviews, but most were too big. The dress that turned out ugly was the one that had no reviews. In real life, it was so different from the version presented online.

That said, I advise you to not order unless you see the dress in the photos of a blogger first. Do not only rely on the store’s pics. Another aspect is that, at the price, do not expect luxury fabrics. If it says One size, it cannot possibly fit all sizes, it just means that there is only one size available. Please check the size chart.


  • search for blogger reviews and see the pic of the item before ordering
  • measure yourself correctly
  • read the size chart in inches/cm and purchased based on that. Keep in mind that the sizes changes depending on design and even color
  • never rely on general sizes as X/S/XL etc as they are Asian types (see point above)
  • do not expect luxury fabrics at this price, most are with polyester or quite thin
  • if you order with normal shipping, expect from 1 to even 2 months if the post is slow, depending on your area
  • the customer service is based in China so sometimes it will be hard to understand their English
  • expect a lot of email exchanges when asking for a refund, I personally never asked for one but heard that they are not fast in that
  • if you are honestly and reasonably unhappy with the items, file a refund dispute with Paypal or your bank in the time limit


The items from Shein come from China. This explains why they take a lot of time to arrive. This also makes talking to customer support harder and returns much more expensive.

P.S this article was not sponsored by Shein, it was my idea to say my honest opinion about them.


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SHEIN Scam or Quality Clothing? reviewed by on 19th April 2019 rated 4.9 on 5.0