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By | 7th March 2018

Vindale Research has been around for more than 12 years, making it one of the oldest survey sites.

In an industry saturated with the same model of market research websites that have only slight variations, Vindale Research manages to take a fresh approach to making money by taking surveys.


A reputable site that is easy to use, and offers a variety of ways to achieve a cash payout?

This is definitely worth investigating.

Vindale Research has had many years offering surveys, and are a well-known company.

They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau under SayForExample, Inc., and have achieved an impressive A- rating.

Vindale Research is definitely a legitimate company, and provides its members with a genuine way to earn money from home.

Vindale states that they have worked with global brands such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon.

They also claim to have paid more than $5 million total to their members.

Such high-profile clients and a large total payout helps establish their legitimacy.

However, sometimes when people refer to a company as a scam, they mean that they feel misled by the company.

Vindale Research does have mixed reviews.

There are many success stories, but there are also some complaints.

I looked into the types of complaints being made to see what problems the company might have. Most often, the problem that people have is the low payment rate, and that they struggle to meet the minimum requirement for payment.

I can understand their frustration, but unfortunately survey sites are not a “get rich quick” scheme – if you think of it as supplemental income during your free time rather than an employment opportunity, you are more likely to have a positive experience.

Vindale Research is definitely not a scam, in the sense of deliberately setting out to deceive their members.

Try to be as informed as possible about what you are signing up for – and reading reviews is a great place to start!

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