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By | 25th July 2020

As of this writing, there are over 30,000 active real estate agents in Los Angeles, CA. There are over 14,000 active real estate agents in Houston, TX. San Francisco, a city that’s only 7×7 miles, still has over 4,000 real estate agents buying and selling right now.

You need to sell or buy and to find a Realtor for that transaction you have to sift through thousands of people who could make or break one of the most serious, important financial decisions in your life. Where do you begin?

It’s tough to find a Realtor: the process is time consuming, most sites are full of ads agents pay for to get front and center, and references from family and friends are not reliable.

Let’s think about Los Angeles, for example. You could be selling a single family home in Silver Lake, an apartment in a high rise Downtown, a condo in Universal City, a funky bungalow in Venice. You need to narrow your search down from 30,000 real estate agents to one Realtor who specializes in your area, has great statistics, and works well with your personality.

You should not have to dig through Google, attend ten open houses every Sunday, or call a brokerage service from a billboard to get face time with a great real estate agent. Even if you did all of that, the real estate agent could:

1. Not know how to negotiate
2. Set the list price too high
3. Be a bad match for your personality
4. Not listen to what you want or need in the buying/selling process
5. Have unhappy past clients and no sales data to back up their promises.

If the relationship doesn’t work out, you end up back at square one with 29,999 agents to interview. Again.

Real estate agent look-up services are often misleading: every agent in the city has a profile saturated with five-star reviews, or a Realtor has amazing reviews on one site and awful reviews on another. There’s often no way to get a gauge on their practical qualifications. Where do you get their sale to list price ratio, their median sale price, or days on market? You can’t call 30,000 real estate agents to ask them about their track records. Well, you could. But who has the time?

We feel your pain. In an attempt to do our homework, we dug through the internet to find a real estate agent in Silver Lake, Los Angeles and felt the frustration of trusting reviews that have no data to back them up.

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