All Shoes 10 Bucks?

By | 12th August 2020

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ShoeDazzle is simply the best way to buy shoes. It is hard for me to find size 11 shoes that look good and fit. most places run out of the good shoes but shoe dazzle always has so much that I get more then what I need. I have been a member since 2010 and I love them!

Kim Kardashian was the founder of the shoe club so I figured the shoes must be hot if she created the company.




To get started, I had to fill out an fashion survey which asked questions like “What fashion styles of celebrities I preferred?” They gave me options of Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Nicole Richie, just to name a few. There were others questions as well, and once I was finished with my fashion survey, I was told my Personal Shoe Stylist will email me within 24 hours letting me know that my Personal Shoe Showroom is ready for viewing.

While I waited for my email to arrive from my Personal Shoe Stylist, I was still able to view different types of shoes on the website created by my so-called Shoe Stylist and I must say, a lot of these shoes looked so cute! But I did notice that a lot of the shoes has very high heels and looked good if you’re going out for the night of the town, but not good for work. Also, their shoes are very flashy and busy. I’m more of a conservative person, so I do not like to have very flashy shoes with 7 inch heels! So since I was worried about that, I decided to ask my friends on Facebook if they’ve ever used ShoeDazzle. One of my friends said that she has a friend that buys her shoes from the website and the quality of her shoes does not look cheap and her shoes always looked cute on her.



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